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For the production of sawn timber, sawmills with a clear delivery of a size range are used, which gives a high result when
sawing wood. With the help of such technologies we achieve clear set sizes of customers. Our lumber stands
geometric parameters over the entire length of the product. Clear size is very important, because it makes it possible to use
Our lumber in house building, molded products and in other industries, where the exact sizes are valued


Our products are shipped all over the world and the Russian Federation. We carry out various ways of transferring products – directly in the production or deliver to the production of the customer. We ship timber of natural humidity 30-40%, transport humidity 18-20%.

морскими контейнерами

Sea containers

автомобильным транспортом

By car




General requirements for quality for grades 1-4 grades GOST 26002-83:

The board is faceted, clean, painted to size, the cross section is rectangular.

The knots are fused, partially fused not through, healthy, scattered.
Obzol thread and pencil along the entire length, the width of the survey on the plate is no more than 5 mm.

Not allowed:
Obzol (blunt, sharp), rot, tobacco knots, cracks (brittle and through), fungal lesions (saphenous mushroom stains, blue, sapwood hard and soft rot, external rotten rot), damage by insects (larval, mother passages, etc.) , knots group, waviness, заруб, has washed down, bevel пропила, крыловатость.

General requirements for quality for grade 5 GOST 26002-83:

The board must be trimmed, clean, sized, the cross-section must be rectangular.

Knots, cracks, blue, according to GOST 26002-83.
The review is allowed only blunt, drunk at least 1/3.

Not allowed:
Acute review, wingedness, rot, fungal lesions (sapwood fungal stains, sapwood hard and soft rot, external rotten rot), damage by insects (larval, mother passages, etc.), notch, sawing, chamfer.

All the above conditions are maximum and should not be exceeded.