Production of quality sawn softwood from the Northern Forest

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Республика Коми

OOO Lespil was founded in October 2011.
It is located in the northern part of Russia in the north-western region – the Republic of Komi.
Among all the subjects of the European part of Russia, the Komi Republic ranks first in terms of qualitative indicators of coniferous forest.

The main activity of the enterprise is the production of quality sawn timber from coniferous species of the northern forest. To achieve high quality products, Lespil uses modern disc-based multi-saw equipment. the products are double sorted: the first – during sawing, the second – during the drying and processing of lumber. Our products are always marked with the company’s logo.

Why us?

Свое производство

Its production

Круглогодичное производство

Year-round production

Дисковое пиление

Disk sawing

Самостоятельная логистика

Independent logistics

Фирменная упаковка

Branded packaging



Качественная пленка

High-quality film

Маркировка пиломатериала

Marking of sawn timber