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About company

Республика Коми

LLC Lespil was founded in October 2011.

It is located in the northern part of Russia in the north-western region – the Republic of Komi. Among all subjects
of the European part of Russia, the Republic of Komi takes the first place in terms of qualitative indicators of conifers

The main activity of the enterprise is the production of high-quality sawn timber from coniferous
rocks of the northern forest.

To achieve high quality products, Lespil uses modern disk
Multiblade equipment. All products are double sorted: the first – during sawing,
the second – in the process of drying and processing lumber. Our products are always marked with branded
company logo.

The main suppliers of raw materials for Lespil are Mondi Syktyvkar,
logging of FSC-certified material, as well as other local roundwood harvesters
Kortkeros district of the Komi Republic. This enables our company to work all year round.

The company “Lespil” is officially a social partner of the Administration of Kortkeros district.
Social partnership, based on equal cooperation, allows creating new jobs,
leads to an improvement in the material position of the workers, as well as to the growth of production as a whole. The purpose of this
cooperation is to improve the social situation in the district.

LLC Lespil is a member of the public Forest
council of the Kortkeros district, as well as
timber industry cluster of the Republic of Komi.
Our company is in the Top – 10 most
perspective and significant enterprises of the Komi Republic.
To date, the capacity of our production
is 1500 m3 / month (10,000 m3 / year).